I can be booked for lectures, demonstrations, workshops, and chairpersonships. Also available for providing expert comment on radio and TV. Please contact me at From June 9th until August 11th, 2019, I might be harder to catch.


2 September 2019: lecture on Darwin’s Peepshow for Biology on Tap, Leiden

7 September 2019: broadcast of TV-documentary “Aapje Aram” on NTR

8 September 2019: lecture on discovering new species (Dutch), Youth University, Museum for Education, Dordrecht

19 September 2019: Expert on London City Trip, Atlas Obscura

25 Sep. – 4 October 2019: Taxon Expedition to Borneo

1 November 2019: Public Library, Gouda

5 November 2019: Lecture on Darwin Comes to Town (Dutch), Amersfoort

2 December 2019: Lecture on discovering new species (Dutch), Diligentia, the Hague

10 December 2019: Lecture at Science & Cocktails (English), Paradiso, Amsterdam

14 January 2020: Lecture at Nature Museum Tilburg (Dutch)



25-26 May 2019: Lecture (English) on urban evolution and book signing at BLOOM festival, Søndermarken, Denmark

31 January 2019: Lecture on urban evolution at UK Green Building Council, London

30 January 2019: Lecture on urban evolution at the Linnean Society, London

11 January 2019: Lecture on urban evolution at NIBI Onderwijsconferentie, Lunteren

5 April 2018: Lecture on urban evolution at Carter Center, Atlanta

3 April 2018: On-stage discussion between Isabella Rossellini and Menno Schilthuizen, New York Public Library 

21 March 2019: Public lecture on urban evolution at Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences

25 April 2017: Video lecture on TED-Ed

June 21st, 2016: Members’ evening at Natural History Museum, London: Nature’s Nether Regions

May 26th, 2016: Workshop on urban evolution, Lunteren: NIBI Onderwijsconferentie

January 12th, 2016: Darwin’s Peep Show, Science Café Leiden

2016: Information boards installed at Kinabalu Park and Crocker Range Park, linked to website on the output from the 2012 Borneo expedition

September 25th, 2015: Naturalis After Dark Festival: Holding Hands

June 25th, 2015: Darwins Peepshow for Urology workshop Astra Zeneca, Domburg

May 20th, 2015: PUBSCI

May 28th, 2015: 8pm: London Fortean Society at the Dirty Dicks Pub, London

April 8th, 2015: Kiss Kiss, Bang bang: GLV Idun symposium

April 9th, 2015: Symposium Almere College, Dronten

April 24th, 2015: Docentendag Biologie, Leiden

May 17th, 2015: Public lecture at Museon, the Hague

June 5th, 2014: 7.30pm: Naturalis Late Night Show to mark the appearance of the Dutch translation of Nature’s Nether Regions (Darwins Peepshow, Atlas Contact)

May 7th 2014, 7pm: Book launch (author interview and book signing) at Word Bookstore, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

June 11th 2014 , 2pm ET: I’m doing an Ask-Me-Anything on Reddit. See also: today’s post.

September 20th 2014, 22.45 h: Night lecture at Night of Art & Knowledge in Boerhaave Museum, Leiden

September 26th 2014, 21.45 h: 20PK at Discovery Festival, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam

October 12th 2014, 14.00 h: Live interview at Teyler’s Museum, Haarlem

October 30th 2014, 18.30 h: Presentation during literary café KALF at café De Koe, Marnixstraat, Amsterdam

November 4th 2014, 19.30 h: Public lecture at Artis Zoo, Amsterdam

February 10th 2014, 21.00 h: Keynote lecture at Netherlands Ecological Research Network meeting, Lunteren

February 13th 2014, 10.15 h: Lecture and reading at European School, Bad Vilbel

February 17th 2014: Lecture at Hogeschool Rotterdam

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