Manuscript finished for “Darwin Comes to Town”!

It was (as usual) a struggle, but last Friday, one day before my publisher’s deadline, I finished the manuscript for my new book Darwin Comes to Town: How the Urban Jungle Drives Evolution. Eighty-two thousand words of HIREC (Human-Induced Rapid Evolutionary Change) in cities! You can pre-order your copy via:




A literary event at Teylers Museum

viber-imageToday was Darwin Day — February 12th, the birth date of the great man. All the more fitting that today was the first in another series of scientific-literary events at the legendary Teylers Museum in Haarlem. Legendary, because it has been preserved pretty much in the state of its birth, in the late 18th century. Today’s event, expertly guided by Alexander Reeuwijk and Norbert Peeters, themselves successful writers on Wallace and Darwin,
consisted of “illc4engzbxaaeestd-jpg-largeustrated interviews” with Kees Moeliker, Jelle Reumer, and yours truly. (Photos by Iva Njunjić and Kees Moeliker.)


Taxon Expeditions: Moving Pictures

I proudly present the promotional video that we made for our new citizen science enterprise Taxon Expeditions. Check it out, and please share it widely. The video was compiled mostly from footage taken during our 2016 field course in Borneo, during which the idea of Taxon Expeditions was conceived (on a boat ride on the Kinabatangan river). We have also used ecodrone foorage by Sol Milne, and some clips shot by our student Sophie van der Hart (among others, amazing pictures of an orangutan female with baby).